Jan. 4, 1914-Sept. 16, 1997


This page is a memorial to my father, William N. Oatis, who became part of Cold War history when he was arrested and imprisoned in Czechoslovakia while doing his job as a journalist. He worked 47 years for The Associated Press, nearly 30 of them as a reporter at the  United Nations. He retired in 1984 and is still remembered fondly by those who knew him there.

Dad died at age 83 after a long and eventful life. He was a remarkable man. You can read an excellent obituary by Rayner Pike of The Associated Press. Thanks to AP for giving me permission to make it available on this site.

We held Dad's funeral on Sept. 27, 1997, 13 days after he died. I, his eldest son, Jonathan, was among those giving a eulogy. His other son, Jeremy, also remembered Dad with a moving tribute.

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